Raving Reviews Old

  • “Colin is definitely the real deal…”

    Colin is definitely the real deal when it comes to property investment knowledge. He is very generous in sharing his knowledge and offers an arsenal of innovative ways to look at picking the best properties and how to unlock the full potential of your resources to invest in properties.

    Aldric Chang

    – Entrepreneur

  • “Colin has shared many valuable insights.”

    A property is one of the biggest investments one might take, especially if it is the very 1st one. Colin has shared many valuable insights towards selecting my 1st property.

    Andy Ang

    – Financial Planner

  • “I strongly recommend this program to all.”

    Colin has applied his past banking knowledge and provided techniques to unlock self potential and showed that it is possible to multiply properties even with little cash. I strongly recommend this program to all.

    Calvin Lim

    – Property Agent

  • “Put our interest first in understanding.”

    Colin is very different from other trainers. He always put our interest first in understanding the issues about property investment rather than try to sell us properties which always happen in other programs.

    Chew Kar Ping

    – Engineer

  • “Generate more returns from your investment.”

    Colin’s training was in-depth and packed with much information on the Singapore real estate. He was very open to share all the relevant techniques that one can apply to invest and generate more returns from your investment. I really enjoyed his training and would strongly recommend my friends to attend this program. Thanks Colin!

    Choo Ming Li

    – Property Agent

  • “Best investments I made for myself.”

    I like the use of data and analytics to analyse the market. It brought a new perspective to investing in properties and made me changed my view towards property investment. Attending this program is definitely one of the best investments I made for myself.

    Dallas Too

    – Accountant

  • “Very knowledgeable and passionate.”

    I find Colin very knowledgeable and passionate to share his knowledge with the class. This program is definitely value for money. Although I have attended other property investing courses, Colin’s program has given me a different strategies and perspectives, especially on how to own multiple properties. I would definitely recommend friends to attend his class. Thank you very much, Colin!

    Doreen Eu

    – IT Analyst

  • “This program is insightful.”

    Colin speaks with passion. This program is insightful and we have definitely benefited. With the knowledge, I am more confident to make the right decision on property investments moving forward. Two thumbs up!

    Timothy Tan & Lim Siew Ling

    – Entrepreneur
    – Head of Human Resource

  • “Definitely a program for everyone.”

    Colin has done extensive research on facts and figures on wealth creation through properties. He’s shared lots of information that allows me to see beyond what most property agents will pitch to me or won’t reveal. Definitely a program for everyone who is serious in viewing property as a form of investment.

    Linda Seck

    – Entrepreneur

  • “Property investment opportunities.”

    I will never contact property agents but I will ask Colin for advice about property investment opportunities.

    Matteo Coccoloni

    – Supervisor
    – Offshore Marine

  • “I highly recommend this program to everyone.”

    I like the straight forward approach of Colin’s program which provided many valuable insights about owning properties tailored to individual scenarios. This type of insights are never known to me prior to this program. I highly recommend this program to everyone.

    Melody Cheng

    – Shipping broker

  • “Detailed and insightful information.”

    The detailed and insightful information shared in this course is not be available elsewhere.

    Ang Kai Yang

    – Researcher
    – Civil Service

  • “I can use these regulations to my advantage.”

    A lot of insights to residential and commercial properties, and rules and regulations that will impact my decision in property investment. There are also many relevant case studies which broaden my view on how I can use these regulations to my advantage.

    Cecilia Kao

    – Account Manager

  • “Impact my decision in property investment.”

    Unlike most other property programs which only give some generic theory or concepts which can be easily obtained from internet, Colin used actual numbers to show us how to judge an investment decision.

    Chen Yilin

    – Property Agent

  • “Create wealth through research methodology.”

    This is a wonderful program of imparting financial wisdom on property investment. It opened my eyes to see beyond conventional property purchases and how property can help me to create wealth through research methodology.

    Chow Wai Thong

    – Entrepreneur

  • “Colin is patient with our queries.”

    The program content is rich and very informative. It is also very well-organised and Colin is patient with our queries.

    Clarice Toh

    – Therapist

  • “Enable me to live comfortably.”

    Colin is an effective trainer. He went through the very essentials needed which may not be easily available from social media or property agents. His sincerity and willingness to share definitely allows me to make an informed decision which I believe will enable me to live comfortably and create wealth through properties.

    Rajaratnam Sadasivam

    – Trainer
    – Aviation Industry

  • “Very insightful.”

    The program is very insightful. I realised anyone can own multiple properties if they have the right knowledge.

    Selena Ang

    – Manager
    – Hospitality Industry

  • “Very good detailed analysis.”

    I like Colin’s application of facts and data to analyse the market. He introduced and opened up our perspective of financing properties. Very good detailed analysis using tools and data and info / news where I don’t see many other trainers do it. I think this is the most important course to attend before any property investment. You invest thousands and you make hopefully millions of dollars or you save lots from not making any mistakes.

    Thong Soon Ho

    – Commercial pilot

  • “Information that are never heard before.”

    Colin knows what he is doing. He truly provides us with information that are never heard before.

    Danny Tan

    – Entrepreneur

  • “I enjoyed his lesson.”

    I like the way Colin relate different type of investor profiles and what strategies they should be applying. I enjoyed his lesson and will look forward to apply the knowledge that he has taught.

    Eugene Hay

    – Sales Manager

  • “You are really brilliant.”

    Thanks Colin ! You are really brilliant. I had learnt a lot during the program.

    Fuji Wahyuni

    – Home Maker

  • “Really help me to improve my financial status.”

    The program has been enriching and informative, I have never know investment in properties can really help me to improve my financial status. Colin’s lessons have been interesting with real life examples.

    Jeraine Low

    – Personal Assistant

  • “He is statistically driven and points out areas.”

    Colin has good knowledge about the property industry. He is statistically driven and points out areas that the commoner would not normally look into.

    Jeykanth s/o Jeyapal

    – Sector Head
    – Education Officer

  • “Information that are never heard before.”

    Colin knows what he is doing. He truly provides us with information that are never heard before.

    Danny Tan

    – Entrepreneur

  • “Facts and figures make so much sense.”

    I like Colin’s approach in tackling today’s biggest questions with regards to property investment. How to buy? What to buy? Is this a good time to buy? All the facts and figures make so much sense to me and this allows me to make my next immediate move – buy more properties!

    Kelvin Lee

    – Property Agent

  • “The program has really given me the confidence.”

    I have attended another property course, but I feel that Colin’s program has really given me the confidence to make the right property investment decision.

    Nathaniel Ng

    – PhD Holder
    – Scientist

  • “Different methods to create wealth.”

    I come in with zero knowledge. Now I learnt the different methods to create wealth.

    Neo Geok Tin

    – Quality Controller
    – Pharmaceutical Industry

  • “Unpretentious approach to teaching.”

    Colin has a genuine, unpretentious approach to teaching. His techniques are very applicable and at least one should fit your financial needs.

    Roche Allen Jeffrey

    – Lecturer in Polytechnic

  • “I like your case studies.”

    I attended XXX two years ago. You are better than XXX training. I like your case studies. Thank you!

    Tan Lee Hiang

    – Property Agent

  • “No other property agent will advise.”

    Topic and content is unique where no other property agent will advise, especially in the interest of the client.

    Vincent Sim

    – Sales Manager