Buy A Property And Earn 6-Figure Profits In 3 Years? Upgrade To A Condo Without Touching Your Savings?

Property Myths EXPOSED!

Discover The Cold, Harsh Truth About The Property Market Others Won’t Reveal…And Learn To Spot Marketing Gimmicks That Are Commonly Seen & Heard To Avoid Getting Misguided By Misinformation!

Knowing these simple steps alone will potentially stop you from being carried away by all the “irrational hype” you see on social media, that will save you years of frustration, agony and pain of seeing your 7-figure investment going to waste.
By Colin Ee, Real Estate Investment Strategist/Property Consultant, Founder Of PSF Real Estate Academy

Since 2014, Over 1,000 Home Owners And Property Investors Have Trusted My Property Investment Strategies. Here Are Some Of Their Raving Reviews

“Colin is always very sincere and open in sharing his property knowledge with us. He gave us great advice in buying our property, and it has appreciated by almost $200K since our purchase!

– Jeff Cheng, Pilot 

“Whenever I need help with property investment, Colin is always there for me. The solutions he presents me are always in-depth, personalized and full of knowledge. Without him, I would not have achieved my current portfolio!”

– Crystal Teo, Educator

“My first impression of Colin was that he really understood the different needs of investors, be it for cashflow or capital appreciation. He showed me different ways of how to get the downpayment for my next few properties, and tailor-made his solutions just for my needs!

– Ditas Litonjua, Business Owner

“Colin shortened my investment journey and saved me lots of time, by letting me know what I should in invest in and what is suitable for me. Thank you Colin!

– JC Lin, Oil & Gas

“I can feel that Colin is very passionate about property investment. More importantly, he doesn’t hard sell but is genuine about giving me real options in the property market.

– Evelyn Thow, Communication Coach

“In this day and age, there’s a lot of information about property out there. I’m thankful that Colin has been helping me the last years to look into them and give me his first-hand insights, which is so important to make an informed decision. I like to thank Colin for helping me find my dream home for me and my family!

– Rajaratnam Sadasivam, Commercial Pilot Instructor

Register For My Property Investment Webinar To Find Out The Harsh But Necessary Truths In Property Investment!

Here’s a fraction of what I’ll be sharing at the Property Investment Webinar:

Register For My Property Investment Webinar To Find Out The Harsh But Necessary Truths In Property Investment!

Why Am I Conducting This Webinar To Expose Property Myths and Reveal Little Known “Dirty Secrets” That Are Commonly Used?

In the last few years, there have been plenty of property misinformation in the market.

They often make promises that sound good. Too good (to be true), in fact.

“Buy a property and earn 6-figure profits in 3 years!”

“Upgrade To A Condo with a combined income of $8000!”

“Own 10 properties in 1 year without any cash!”

These are just some of the claims I’ve seen online.

I’m sure you have seen them too.

There’s no way to sugarcoat this so I’ll just say it outright…

Don’t blindly believe them.

With social media, anyone can put out these outrageous and often misleading claims and big promises.

As someone who has been sharing objective and unbiased property insights and strategies over the last 8 years, it is important not to abuse home owners and investors’ trust by selling properties under the disguise of “education”.

Unfortunately, we still see so many seminars, courses and guru programs that are trying to sell to us instead of educating us. 

The problem is that they make everything sound so good, so simple, so easy…

I’m sick and tired of it. 

I’ve been doing property training for the last 8-9 years, but I’m still seeing people falling for the same old dirty tricks!

Property investment should be done the right way, with the right strategies instead of believing in “pie in the sky” claims.

That’s why I’m conducting my Property Investment Webinar.

To set things right.

To correct misconceptions.

To bust the myths.

And most importantly, to empower you to invest in property safely, prudently and profitably.

It’s my duty.

It’s my responsibility.

It’s what I do best!

Here are what home owners and property investors have to say after hearing from me:

“Best course I have attended that keeps me interested all the time. Colin’s insights is something that I value very much. Thank you Colin!”

– Choo Yong Shen, Financial Planner

“7 years of this knowledge, learning and experience compressed into just 2 days. Very selfless sharing and good valuable gain. Thanks Colin!”

– Jason Kum Weng, Engineer

Colin Ee is one of the best real estate coach in Singapore! If you’re thinking of buying properties look to him! He’s the man!”

– Elizabeth Frei, Business Coach

“Thank you Colin for the undervalued course! I like your straightforward, no-nonsense, direct-to-the-point delivery. No fluff involved! Your consultation gave us fresh insights in buying our property too!

– Andy Ang, Wealth Advisor

“A lot of value delivered. Highly recommend Colin’s property expertise to everyone. Thanks Colin!”

– Carl Chia, Fitness Coach

“Very detailed property analysis Colin! I can see why you have fanbase who values detailed deconstruction of strategies as opposed to everyday conventional information.”

– Colin Goh, Business Owner

Amazing depth and quantitative research and knowledge and experience shared on property investment. Colin was systematic yet insightful, humorous yet objective. Looking forward to his personalized property solution for me!”

– Alex Chan, Aviation Industry

“Colin has done extensive research on the facts and figures of wealth creation through properties. He shares lots of information that allows you to see beyond what most property agents will pitch to you or won’t reveal!

– Linda Seck, Business Owner

Register For My Property Investment Webinar To Find Out The Harsh But Necessary Truths In Property Investment!

Let's Come Straight To The Point,
I’m NOT A “Seminar GURU”…

In fact, I’m a realtor. But most people see me as a Real Estate Investment Strategist or Property Consultant who shares useful and practical advice.   

I’m not conducting my webinar to upsell you a course for thousands of dollars.

Or to promote a property.

That’s not my style.

Since I started conducting training in 2014, I’ve been guided by these 3 principles:

These principles mean that when you attend my webinar, you’ll get nothing but the cold, harsh truth.

No holds barred.

I may not be a guru.

But I’m a straight-talker.

You can expect advanced insights, tried-and-tested strategies and in-depth analysis about property investment.

In case you missed this part above, here are the exact nuggets of property info I’ll be sharing:

Register For My Property Investment Webinar To Find Out The Harsh But Necessary Truths In Property Investment!

Warning: You May Find The
Cold, Harsh Truth Uncomfortable…

I’ve been conducting property training since 2014.

Over the years, over 1,000 home owners have benefited from my content.

But not all buy into my straight-talking style.

Some feel that I’m too harsh. Too direct. Too blunt.

I guess that they prefer if I tone it down a tad.

But that’s not my style.

Like I said above, I’m not a guru. I’m not a fancy-schmancy showman. I’m not a slick salesperson.

So why be someone that I’m not?

I’ll just stick to what I’m good at – Telling you the sometimes uncomfortable but necessary truth about property investment…without filter, without reservations, without flowery language.

If you’re not comfortable with my approach, you can look for any random property agent who will be very eager to sell you a new launch.

But if you prefer my honest and straight-to-the-point way of doing things…

Then I hope to see you at my Property Investment Webinar!

Do register fast, as webinar slots tend to be over-subscribed ahead of time.

Here are the webinar details:

Register For My Property Investment Webinar To Find Out The Harsh But Necessary Truths In Property Investment!

Can’t wait to share the cold, harsh truth about property investment with you soon!

See you at the webinar!

By Colin Ee, Real Estate Investment Strategist/Property Consultant, Founder Of PSF Real Estate Academy

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